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Most (but not all) of these presentations have taken place in conference settings – often with mentors and colleagues whose work I deeply respect:

Life promotion and suicide prevention

  • “Promoting life in online places.” School of Child and Youth Care community wellness webinar.  Victoria, BC, February 2021.  (with Ryan Pielle, Davis McKenzie, and Jennifer White).
  • “Wise Practices for Life Promotion:  Promoting wellness and preventing suicide in First Nations Communities.” CYC in Action VI conference.  Victoria, BC. April, 2019.  (with Dr. Bill Mussell, Dr. Carol Hopkins, Ryan Pielle, Dr. Ed Connors, Dr. Jennifer White, and Jordan Davis).
  • “The sound of silence around youth suicide.” Ministry of Children and Family Development.  Victoria, BC. January, 2017. (with Dr. Jennifer White).

Relational practice, in context

  • “Rethinking relational practice with youth: Living it every day.”  20th Canadian/12th triennial international Child and Youth Care conference: Transitions and transformations. May, 2018.  Richmond, BC (with Ryan Pielle).
  • “Fostering resiliency/ fostering community: A collective change process.”  Tenth Triennial International Child and Youth Care Conference.  Canmore, AB.  October, 2012.
  • “Life and Narrative: How situated narrative can inform human service practices.”  Narrative Matters Conference.  Paris, France.  May, 2012.
  • “Contextualizing Care: Alternatives to the Individualization of Struggles and Support by Considering Loss.”  CYC in Action III: Leading Conversations in Research, Policy, and Practice.  Victoria, BC.  April, 2011.
  • “Seeking Solutions without Centering Problems.”  CYC in Action III: Leading Conversations in Research, Policy, and Practice.  Victoria, BC.  April, 2011.


  • “Walking the talk (and stumbling): Complexities of employing a CYC approach in the online classroom.”  CYC in Action V conference.  Victoria, BC.  April, 2017.  (with Lori Hamar and Amber Rowse-Robinson)
  • “Teaching relational practice … relationally.”  33rd FICE Congress and 2nd CYC World Conference.  Vienna, Austria.  August, 2016.  (with Dr. Marie Hoskins)
  • “Curating space: Fostering community leadership.”  Royal Roads Leadership Conference 2015: Leadership. Complex. World.  Victoria, BC.  October, 2015.  (with Alison Taplay)
  • “Empowering the distance instructor through communities of practice.”  COHERE Conference, University of Victoria.  Victoria, BC.  October, 2015.  (with Janni Aragon, Denise Hodgins, and Samantha Corrington)
  • “Leaning in: Teaching relational practice … relationally.”  13thAnnual Hawaii International Conference on Education.  Honolulu, HI.  January, 2015. (with Dr. Marie Hoskins)

Community economies

  • “Attracting and Supporting Employees with Disabilities from Recruitment through Employment.” Disability and work in Canada virtual conference.  November, 2022.  (with Barb MacLeod, Richard Light, Leni Goggins, and Lilla Tipton).
  • “What employers can learn from qIM’s inclusive employment model.” Inclusion BC conference.  Surrey, BC.  May, 2022.  (with Gideon Rosypske, Barb Macleod, Leni Goggins, and Lilla Tipton).
  • “Illuminating new economic possibilities.”  Regional Board meeting, Powell River Regional District.  Powell River, BC.  April, 2016. (with Alison Taplay)
  • Illuminating new economic possibilities.” Committee of the Whole meeting, Mayor and Council.  Powell River, BC.  March, 2016. (with Alison Taplay)
  • “How public sector jobs can foster community economies.”  CCPA mini conference.  Vancouver, BC.  November, 2014.

Research methods

  • “Community engagement: ‘Curating space’ in teaching, learning, and inquiry.” Symposium on Scholarly Teaching and Learning Practice.  Vancouver, BC.  November, 2014. (with Alison Taplay)
  • “Inquiring into life as we live it: Hybrid research collectives.”  CYC in Action IV: Responding to our current times.  Victoria, BC.  May, 2014.
  • “The stories we live by: Building common ground through stories.”  CYC World Conference.  St. John’s, Newfoundland.  June, 2013.
  • “Writing through: Research as process, not product.”  International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.  Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  May, 2011.
  • “Relational inquiry: Photography as a means for generating dialogues with adolescent girls who use crystal meth.”  Network of Constructivist Psychology Conference.  Victoria, BC.  June, 2008. (with Dr. Marie Hoskins)
  • “Connecting through photography: Research with adolescent girls.” Child and Youth Care ConferenceVictoria, BC.  April, 2008. (with Dr. Marie Hoskins)

Other presentations

  • “Troubling professional practice: Moving towards new possibilities.  Children and armed conflict.”  International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.  Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  May, 2010. (with Dr. Marie Hoskins)
  • “Making meaning in context. Puzzling relationships: Image, metaphor, and change.”  International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.  Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  May, 2009. (with Dr. Marie Hoskins)